Jul 24

July 2016 Meeting Reminder

CVCTG Club Members,

Here is the first draft of our new logo.  We are now (or will soon be) known as The Central Virginia CAD Technology Group.  This month we’ll finalize the new logo and decide on our club’s direction.  With the acronym CAD standing for “Computer Aided Drafting,” we are looking to expand beyond AutoCAD and it’s verticals.  Opinions to include MicroStation as well as other CAD and associated programs will be very welcome.  We also look to begin a market assessment of local businesses which will give us a better idea as to “what’s out there.”  We have a lot of work ahead of us.  As usual, input is always welcome.

Be sure to bring your friends and co-workers.  Family members are invited. As usual, there will be light food and beverages.  The meeting time is 5:30 pm at the Human Services Building of the Henrico County Government Center located at 8600 Dixon Powers Drive in Henrico.

If you have any questions call RAM @ 804-424-0185.

…see you there!

Apr 24

Meeting Reminder – Wednesday, April 27, 2016

RAM Members,

We have a number of topics to discuss/address at our next meeting including: Elections, membership renewal, an offer from Timmons employees about an additional monthly meeting, and suggestions from Michael Carris.  I recently met with Michael concerning our group and he has offered suggestions on revamping it.  He’s agreed to meet with us on Wednesday.  I was rather impressed with his credentials.  Another concern we’ll have in the near future is acquiring a new meeting location.  Member input on any of the aforementioned topics would be greatly appreciated.  If you cannot attend, please pass on your suggestions.

-Billy (Wooten)

Mar 28

March Meeting Reminder

Sunday before last, I had a rather enlightening experience meeting with one of the original RAM organizers, Paul Kirill.  I felt that it was necessary to get some insight on changes we need to make.  Our club has dwindled down to only a few interested individuals and with questionable weather, our first two meetings this year didn’t show much promise.  I asked Paul if he could provide some suggestions that could revamp the club and he was more than accommodating.  We met for over an hour and his information was based on current trends in the CAD field.  He compared that to the “conditions” that existed at the time of the club’s inception.  This is all too extensive to place in a reminder newsletter, so we’ll make it the topic for this month’s meeting.  We have much to discuss as to the present condition of our club and where it is heading.  This may take some time; we have a lot to discuss and all inputs are welcome. A copy of our by-laws will be available to all club members.  Please plan on attending this all-to-important meeting. I have much to tell you about the get-together I had with Paul.

-Billy (Wooten)

Feb 22

February 22, 2016 Meeting

Fellow RAMites,

This month we’ll pick up from January’s cancelled meeting and hold our yearly election of officers.  Also, we’ll be accepting ideas for our club’s agenda for the upcoming year.  We’re looking for more member input on not just AutoCAD, but AutoCAD related products. We’d like to reach out to young engineering minds and are looking for ideas on how to do so.  After collecting these opinions, we’ll present them to our sponsor, Imanginit. Any suggestions you may have on moving the club forward in 2016, we’d love to hear.   Please make plans on attending this very important meeting.  We have a lot of decisions to make.

Jan 27

Meeting Cancelled – January 27, 2016

Fellow “RAMites,”

Unfortunately, this month’s meeting has to be cancelled due mainly to the result of bad weather that we all in this area are experiencing as well as school closings.  Our topic was to be a discussion of yearly plans for our group.  This would have been an ideal time to do so since this is the beginning of the New Year.

Be sure to pass this notice along.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We had a wonderful time at our annual Christmas Party at Capital Ale House in Innsbrook.  We gathered, joked, had a delicious meal and met the representative of our sponsor iMaginit, Nicole Correll.

We’ll send further updates as they become available.

Oct 24

Meeting Reminder: Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015

Greetings RAM Members,

Jumbo shrimp, clearly confused, deafening silence, examples of oxymorons (actually, oxymora is the plural form) are a unique form of recognition.  Another one that may not be considered an oxymoron, is the paperless office.  We’re so dependent on paper ’til no one really wants to give it up. Only a “Star Trek” type office would fit this scenario.  Fortunately, even though we can’t totally eliminate paper, we can at least reduce its use.  At our next meeting we’ll present some ideas in doing so.  Also, while we’re on the topic of paper, a presentation on efficient edits using color coding will be our second focus. Communication between engineer and drafter is paramount to getting projects out on time.  On monochrome drawings, color coding could cut editing time substantially.

Be sure to bring your friends and co-workers. Family members are invited.  As usual, there will be light food and beverages.  The meeting time is at 5:30 at the Human Services Building of the Henrico County Government Center at 8600 Dixon Powers Drive.  …see you there!

If you have any questions call RAM @ 804-424-0185.  Richmond Autodesk Manifest (RAM) is sponsored by IMAGINiT Technologies (757-985-3244)

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