Jan 27

Meeting Cancelled – January 27, 2016

Fellow “RAMites,”

Unfortunately, this month’s meeting has to be cancelled due mainly to the result of bad weather that we all in this area are experiencing as well as school closings.  Our topic was to be a discussion of yearly plans for our group.  This would have been an ideal time to do so since this is the beginning of the New Year.

Be sure to pass this notice along.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We had a wonderful time at our annual Christmas Party at Capital Ale House in Innsbrook.  We gathered, joked, had a delicious meal and met the representative of our sponsor iMaginit, Nicole Correll.

We’ll send further updates as they become available.

Oct 24

Meeting Reminder: Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015

Greetings RAM Members,

Jumbo shrimp, clearly confused, deafening silence, examples of oxymorons (actually, oxymora is the plural form) are a unique form of recognition.  Another one that may not be considered an oxymoron, is the paperless office.  We’re so dependent on paper ’til no one really wants to give it up. Only a “Star Trek” type office would fit this scenario.  Fortunately, even though we can’t totally eliminate paper, we can at least reduce its use.  At our next meeting we’ll present some ideas in doing so.  Also, while we’re on the topic of paper, a presentation on efficient edits using color coding will be our second focus. Communication between engineer and drafter is paramount to getting projects out on time.  On monochrome drawings, color coding could cut editing time substantially.

Be sure to bring your friends and co-workers. Family members are invited.  As usual, there will be light food and beverages.  The meeting time is at 5:30 at the Human Services Building of the Henrico County Government Center at 8600 Dixon Powers Drive.  …see you there!

If you have any questions call RAM @ 804-424-0185.  Richmond Autodesk Manifest (RAM) is sponsored by IMAGINiT Technologies (757-985-3244)

Aug 12

Wrap-up of our July Meeting

Fellow RAM Members,

It’s been a long time since we went on a field trip.  Actually, I don’t think that we ever have been on one.  Anyway, our July meeting featured such an event.  Rich, the Prez, arranged for the wonderful folks at Duncan-Parnell to show us the latest in 3D Printing.  Cindy graciously drove us to the office site where we met several other members of the RAM group. There, we were entertained by Duncan-Parnell personnel Carlton McFaden and Joe Holmberg.  When [I] think of printing, paper always comes to mind.  Well, the latest in this technology produces functional models; no paper at all.  The earlier stages of 3D Printing involved models used for design purposes.  Today, items such as prosthetic limbs can be made through this technology.   Some of the specific topics centered on were:  Laser Resin and Laser Powder Based Systems, Color jet Printing, Range of Applications (Ceramic, Casting, Durability, Bio-Compatibility, Toughness, High Temperature Conditions and Optically Clear), and Selective Laser Sintering (Involving Injection Molding Grade Plastics).  As a former machinist myself, I was impressed or should I say “shocked” at the applied process, the materials generated and the precision achieved, such as in gears and fan blades. 

This was practically the most informative presentation I have ever attended – inside or outside of our group. We finished up with an extensive question and answer session while “stuffed” with the delicious lunch items provided.  We were even given several samples to take with us and witnessed an item being made (a color surfaced bearing).  I look forward to seeing this again.  More information can be found at www.duncan-parnell.com.


Jul 16

July 2015 Meeting Reminder

This month we will be traveling to Duncan-Parnell.  It’s a 3D printer Facility in local Ashland where we will see a presentation & each will leave with a 3D object.

Points on the presentation that will be covered:

* Into 3D printing.

* Applications (How it can be used)

* Best practices

* What’s new?

3d printing can be used in most Design disciplines.

Because we will traveling this month we will be meeting by 5:15 pm on Wednesday, July 29 outside our regular meeting location & carpooling to Duncan-Parnell. The presentation starts at approximately 6pm.  If you can’t make it by 5:15, the following link provides directions:  Driving Directions from Google Maps

Store Location:


305 Ashcake Road, Suite K
Ashland, VA 23005
Phone: 804-368-7525

If you have any questions call RAM @ 804-424-0185

Tell your friends and have them signup so Duncan-Parnell can plan accordingly.

See you at the event.


May 22

Wrap up – April 2015 Meeting

Fellow RAM Members,

At last Month’s meeting, we were enlightened with the extent of how much programs like 3D Max has developed. Jim Robb (Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University) showed us a presentation involving visualizations and renderings.  Now more than ever, companies can impress their clients with a near complete realization of the final product.  Instead of a boring array of 2D views, clients can now view the latest high end rendering of an animated result.  Realism of plants (none of which are duplicated), animals, people (including ethnic diversity), will show how animation in this field has been taken to the next level.

If you’re old enough (like I am) to remember “View Master,” then you’ll just love this item.  Jim brought a showing of Google Cardboard, a low-cost Virtual Reality headset that works with smartphones.  It allows immersive presentations with a pre-made demo as an example for us to test-drive. We were really “awed” at the view as we passed it around the room.  It’s a very inexpensive paper-like device that secures a standard smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy S5, etc.) and permits VR viewing like a set of binoculars.

More can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Cardboard


Richmond AutoCAD Manifest (RAM) is sponsored by IMAGINiT Technologies (757-985-3244)

Apr 24

April Meeting Reminder

Greetings RAM Members,

Hosting our April meeting will be Virginia Commonwealth University adjunct Professor Jim Robb.  Jim’s presentation will take us through the more popular aspects of Visualization and Renderings.  He will not only present the basics of these topics, but also hot-button topics like Virtual Reality. He will bring Google Cardboard, a low-cost VR headset that works with smartphones to allow immersive presentations and will have a pre-made demo as an example for people for test-drive. (More can be found here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Cardboard.)

Spread the word!  Bring your friends and co-workers. Family members are also invited.  As usual, there will be light food and beverages.  The meeting time is at 5:30 at the Human Services Building of the Henrico County Government Center at 8600 Dixon Powers Drive.  …see you there!

Richmond AutoCAD Manifest (RAM) is sponsored by IMAGINiT Technologies (757-985-3244)

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