Feb 24

Meeting Reminder: Wed., February 28, 2018

Have you ever gotten so good at a video game ’til you wish that you could make changes or add features to make it fit your own skills?  Well, the same thing can be done with AutoCAD – somewhat.  In addition to customization, an option called the Wish List could be used. Each year via the Wish List, Autodesk collects thousands of suggestions from interested users.  This helps them connect with its users and allows them to design changes to the AutoCAD engine and user interface.  At the next meeting we’ll show you just how that’s done.  I personally have had a couple of WL items added to past releases and a few that are still in process.  If you have any in mind, consider presenting them at next Wednesday’s meeting.  The process of submitting a suggestion isn’t complicated and could help smooth many tasks.  Come join us!

Our meeting time is 5:30 pm. at 6800 Staples Mill Road.

Questions? – call us at 804-424-0185. My email address is mathmajor3@msn.com


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