Mar 26

Meeting Reminder:  Wednesday, March 28, 2018

CV CAD Group,

Last month we talked about the AUGI Wish List.  I referred to several that I had submitted and two of which were included in later releases.  Then our focus turned to tying in with the features of our new meeting location.  The overhead projector from our previous meeting place is now a large wall monitor.  With the use of our own personal devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) we can now give presentations and collaborate with each other over this system. Sharon gave us insight on these linkups and will present part two at our next meeting on Wednesday. She’ll guide us on download and setup of the aforementioned devices; so bring them with you.  Expect this to last a little longer; there’s a lot to go over.  We may also have a possible project for the club to discuss.  … hope that you can make it.

Our meeting time is 5:30 pm at 6800 Staples Mill Road.  Be sure to spread the word!

Questions? – call us at 804-424-0185. My email address is mathmajor3@msn.com

Billy (Wooten)

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